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Hi, I'm Tim. With over two decades in the industry and a $6 million personal property portfolio, I'm here to guide you through your investment journey. My aim is to align your property decisions with both your wealth and lifestyle goals.

Whether you're entering the market or expanding your portfolio, I offer the expertise and support for confident, informed choices to achieve your investment aspirations.

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Meet Tim

Why Choose Me as Your Buyer's Agent
When Investing In Real Estate?

From Personal Success to Your Success: My journey from the corporate world to property investment has been driven by a deep-seated passion for real estate and wealth creation. My firsthand experience in building a substantial property portfolio has equipped me with the knowledge and strategies you need to navigate the property investment landscape successfully.

Tailored Investment Strategies: I understand that each investor's journey is unique. That's why I offer bespoke investment strategies that are aligned with your personal goals, financial situation, and lifestyle aspirations. My approach is all about putting you first, ensuring a tailored experience designed to maximise your investment outcomes.

Expert Market Insights: Leveraging InvestorKit's unmatched market research and data, I provide you with strategic insights to make informed decisions. With my guidance, you'll stay ahead of the market trends and seize the best investment opportunities.

Comprehensive Support: From finding the perfect investment opportunity to securing high-quality tenants, I'm here to support you every step of the way. My expertise in identifying properties that offer both capital growth and strong rental yields ensures your investments are profitable and hassle-free.

A Proven Track Record: My clients consistently achieve remarkable results, securing properties that outperform market averages. My strategic approach, supported by InvestorKit's research, has enabled clients to realise their financial goals more efficiently.

Dedicated to Your Success: My commitment to excellence and client satisfaction is at the heart of everything I do. I aim to build lasting relationships, offering ongoing support and advice to ensure your long-term success in property investment.

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Your FREE Consultation

My team and I will take a deep dive into your current situation, your financial and lifestyle goals, and the core areas of your journey where you feel professional support is required to help get you there faster.

Portfolio Strategy Session

We form a portfolio plan of attack, use sophisticated mapping tools and help you reverse engineer how you can go beyond the typical 1 - 2 investment properties.

Market Selection

Even though we do the hard yards, the choice of market is still made together with you.

We've invested 6-figures in market research spend and a research team consisting of Head of Research, Data Scientist, Research Analyst and a Research Associate. All so you can buy in the right market at the right time.

Deal Sourcing and Acquisition

After you’re happy, we’ll help with the other processes and project manage due-diligence items with other professionals too – negotiation, finance, asset and tax structures, pest and building condition reports, your legal requirements and more.

All so you can choose assets that grow in value, rent quickly and well, with low maintenance costs to optimise your ROI.

Post-Purchase Support

Now that you’ve secured this investment property, we don’t just disappear.

Our industry leading ‘post-settlement service’, helps you successfully manage your property manager, access higher quality tenants and yields, your investing risks, and keeps you future focussed on long term goals with strategies that unlock your ability to repeat…again…and again!

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Let's chat and see how I can help you through my experience, industry relationships and market leading research.

To ensure high quality standards, and our ultimate goal, which is to help our clients build high performing property portfolios, we work with a limited number of customers a time. Spots are limited, take action, claim your FREE discovery call now.